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How to Apply to TEAC Germany?

To apply for the TEAC Germany program, submit an application form. The program includes access to funding opportunities, mentoring, office hours with TEAC partners and access to the network of other founders and Tier-1 operators in the global TEAC ecosystem.
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We are looking for solutions that

  • deliver drastically improved connectivity to the internet,
  • significantly cut the cost for broadband connectivity,
  • disrupt the traditional paradigm of network operation and adopt to a cloud based production,
  • drastically improve production efficiency of networks, e.g.
    • energy consumption,
    • automation of operation,
    • support of automatic planning
  • drastically change the performance and quality of connectivity services: security, privacy, customers digital autonomy
  • connect the unconnected

Send us your presentation (10 slides max!) describing your solution and apply via!